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Complete Power Stations

We can tailor a solution to your exact requirements.

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Plant & Equipment

Powerwest has a range of used equipment for hire.

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Remote Power Stations, Australian Owned & Operated

Powerwest’s core business is designing, constructing and operating remote power stations. On a secondary level we offer stand alone gensets for hire. We can supply a single hire set, short or long term, from 100 kVA up to 1 MW, or a fully automated 12 MW Power Station generating at your desired voltage.

We are also able to provide a fleet of smaller generators to match your needs. We are able to provide automation to this generation plant to whatever extent you require. Along with this, we can also provide power stations on a BOO (Build, Own, Operate) Principal.

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Recent Projects

  • Kimberley Diamond Mine

    29/04/2014 | Project location Kimberley, Western Australia Project description 2 power stations E9 Processing Plant: 6mW Installed Capacity Return Water Pumping Station: 800kW Installed Capacity E4 Processing Plant: 4.6mW Installed Capacity Comme

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  • Challenger Gold Mine

    25/04/2014 | Project location South Australia Project description 2 power stations Main processing plant: 5.6mW installed capacity Underground power supply: 4.0mW installed capacity Commencement date 2002

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  • Paulsen's Gold Mine

    15/04/2014 | Project location Pilbara, Western Australia Project description 2 power stations Main processing plant & camp supply: 4mW Installed capacity Underground mining operations supply: 4.4mW installed capacity Commencement date 2004

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